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Wooden (Olive Tree) Door Stop, Handmade, Bird Design Version 2

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This rustic door stopper with bird shape is made from fallen olive tree branches. Each unique item is made from the olive tree of the Aegean Sea part of Turkey by local artisans. Door stopper material is recycled/reclaimed, so that we didn't harm any tree for this or any other wood crafts in our shop as we respect nature and all living things. Wooden door stoppers are handmade so each one is unique items that are just made for you.

  • Handmade,  door stop with cat shape/bird shape differentiates your home and office decor
  • Door stop material is from recycled/reclaimed olive trees
  • Nonscratching door stop 
  • Will be delivered in 5-7 business days to USA and Canada, 3-5 business days to Europe. We are happy to offer to make a full refund with a lifetime guarantee.

Please note that Cat Design door stop is suitable for low gap doors and  Bird Designs door stops are suitable for variable door gaps.

Material: Olive Wood


Bird Design Version 2 - Height :3.1 in (8 cm), Length (Tail Included) :5.1 in (13 cm)



Olive Trees are one of the oldest fruit trees in the history. It gives its first fruit after 8 years, because of that olive tree orchards are known for bringing stability and peace where they grow. Since ancient times, olive tree is representing peace, abundance, glory. While an olive tree could endure for difficult situation even in salty waters, it is also representing endurance of life. Olive trees help the Mediterranean to build civilization by providing stability, food, medical potion for at least 4000 years.