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Wood Wall Hanging with Evil Eye Beads (Blue Beads) 1 /Round Wood Wall Talisman

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This unique wall hanging is crafted from reclaimed olive wood. It's one of a kind design and craftsmanship will give your place Modern, rustic decor for your home/office/frontyard. It is decorated with evil eye beads ( blue beads). For centuries, in different cultures and regions especially in Mediterranean and Middle East, evil eve beads are considered as a talisman that protects from bad/evil looks and feelings like hatred, jealousy. It is believed that carrying evil eye beads or having ornaments with blue bead in your place protect your place from negative energies and bring you good luck.

Approximate Size: 5.5" x 6.5" (13 cm x 16 cm )

Material: Olive Wood


Olive Tree

Olive Trees are one of the oldest fruit trees in the history. It gives its first fruit after 8 years, because of that olive tree orchards are known for bringing stability and peace where they grow. Since ancient times, olive tree is representing peace, abundance, glory. While an olive tree could endure for difficult situation even in salty waters, it is also representing endurance of life. Olive trees help the Mediterranean to build civilization by providing stability, food, medical potion for at least 4000 years.