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Handcrafted Wood Spatula, Cat Design

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Handcrafted wood spatula has cute cat design. It is recycled from fallen olive woods. In manufacturing process full attention is given to details to keep its natural form and property. You can use this unique utensil in your kitchen or give as a gift to beloved one that enjoys cooking.

Spatula style, size could differ slightly, while it is one of a kind.

Approximate Spatula Length Size: 11" (28 cm )

Material: Olive Wood


Care Instructions:

  • It is not recommended to wash your board in dish machine or immerse the spatula in water
  • For disinfection, rub your spatula with lemon
  • To preserve its perfect condition for longer times we recommend to coat it with warm olive oil.



Olive Trees are one of the oldest fruit trees in the history. It gives its first fruit after 8 years, because of that olive tree orchards are known for bringing stability and peace where they grow. Since ancient times, olive tree is representing peace, abundance, glory. While an olive tree could endure for difficult situation even in salty waters, it is also representing endurance of life. Olive trees help the Mediterranean to build civilization by providing stability, food, medical potion for at least 4000 years.