Why do you go away?

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” 
― Terry PratchettA Hat Full of Sky
Centuries ago, when travelling to long distances was not as easy as now, most people were not aware of the existence of different lives, different traditions. And only fearless adventurers were daring to travel to unknown.   Whereas in today's world, everywhere is so close and comfortable to reach.  Even without bothering ourselves, we can see the photos, videos of all the parts of the world, or see the streets using google street view.
A friend who knows that I work the whole year to save money for my travels once asked me why I bother to travel. I guess that she wasn't aware of the fact that real experience is totally different than seeing something through a camera's lens. So, my answer to her question was simple: the money I spend for my travels actually makes me richer. In each journey I took, I've gained a new level of consciousness and point of view.
First, I've learnt to see my home from a different perspective. I was living inside my beautiful house (country) but I didn't know how it looked from outside; was it big or small,  was it in a good or bad neighbourhood? The more I've travelled the world, the more I've appreciated some of the things we have at home, as well as  the more I became critical of some aspects.
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I've realised that where you are born is like a lottery; you can be very lucky and be born in a wealthy country, have access to everything you need or don't need; while some others won't be that lucky and won't even have  drinking water. Hence, I've learnt the gratitude for all the opportunities I have and empathy and desire to help for the less fortunate ones. Then, I've started making new friends with completely different backgrounds, different life styles and different traditions. The more I've interacted with people, the more I became fascinated with all the diversity we have in this world. So, I've learnt tolerance and embracing the differences and live my life with harmony.
Afterwards, I've discovered new stories, legends or strange traditions that I've never read in books. In the end I've realised that world is an amazing place and all the people around the world are essentially the same. In spite of all our differences, we all love, cry, worry and die. Travelling helps to overcome prejudices. I wish that everybody in this world could have the opportunity to travel, maybe then we could end the fear and hatred for the ones who don't look like us. 
Love and Peace,

Peri Q.

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