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Get Relaxed with The Turkish Hamam And The Finnish Sauna

Different cultures and countries have different traditions when they think about relaxing. And for the Turkish people, there's nothing like a Turkish Hamam, for the Finnish, nothing is better than a sauna. Although they both share some similarities since they are ways to cleanse your body and spirit, to detox and to relax, their rituals are different. The most important thing in both rituals is that you should not rush at all and should just enjoy every step of their rituals. I promise you that you will get the prize as feeling relaxed and happy from head to toe when you are coming out the hamam/sauna. Turkish Hamam You probably know the Turkish Hamam as the Turkish Bath. While mostly...

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A Travel with Coffee; Coffee Rituals in Different Cultures

Almost every nation and culture has their own rituals and traditions for serving coffee. For many people, coffee is consumed as a means of energy and to boost productivity, but for others, it is a method of relaxation and a way to socialize with people in the community. In America, coffee is fast and big. Typically, people in America want their coffee as soon as they possibly can, and drink it fast as well. American consumerism has also pushed coffee cup sizes way past tradition. A classic cappuccino is usually around 6 ounces, but in America, they can be over 24 ounces. Coffee, for most in America, is not sipped and enjoyed, but chugged rapidly with large amounts of sugar...

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Last Call for Nature Break!

All of us prefer to be surrounded by the nature but we keep living in big cities and keep complaining  about our crazy urban life, right? The lives of modern world people are filled with cyber-space technology and gadgets. These technologies are here to make our lives easier, that is perfect! Unfortunately, most of the people have forgotten that there is a natural world outside, which is made out of clouds, mud, trees, birds! Nature has the potential to bring joy and comfort to you while enhancing your health. For example, you will get the opportunity to refresh your mind and soul when you go for a walk in the beach. While walking, you should take off your socks and...

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