Rustic and minimalist home décor ideas – it’s time to give your home a new look!

What comes to your mind when someone says rustic home décor? Recycled wood? Stone walls? Or a lifestyle that denies modernity? However, the truth is you don’t have to give up modern comforts to adopt rustic home décor style. Minimalist home décor means choosing elegance over flashy, being unpretentious and getting closer to nature.

The best thing about rustic décor is that you can turn the clock backward and relive the memories of childhood. Along with natural goodness blend the nostalgia of the bygone era and give your home a minimalistic look.

There are plenty of themes that you can apply in your home of which the cabin look is perhaps the most popular. With the fall coming, this is the perfect way to celebrate its spirit. Use reclaimed or recycled wood to create this look. Wooden beams are a prominent part of this theme. Add a classic chandelier for a luxurious look. A vintage fireplace would not only add warmth to the room but also complete the look.

rustic home minimalism

A few trips to the flea market would help you to pick up antiques that suit the décor. Get plush carpets for a warm feeling. Heavy coffee tables, sofa sets in dark brown and wrought iron lighting fixtures would give your room an earthy look. To keep things natural, add a few potted plants. They would uplift your mood and give the décor a nice twist. Moreover, green plants are a nice way to implement minimalist look. If you find the décor too dark, throw in a few pillows in bright shades of orange or green.

You can also add pops of colors by placing colorful vases. To give your rooms a unique look, choose natural items. Sea shells placed on tables or stones inside transparent bottles can make interesting décor items. Items made from olive wood are not costly but give your house a different look. From door stop to chopping board, you would get plenty of items in olive wood.

If you want to achieve a natural look in your décor, use large framed windows. Try to use recycled materials to decorate your home. You can easily achieve a minimalist look as well as choose a sustainable lifestyle. Old trunks can become coffee tables. Recycled wood can be use in window frames or pallets can double up as shelves.

The idea is to get creative. Simple wooden photo frames can get a new life with wool or twine ropes. Dried twigs and branches, when arranged in vases, can add to the rustic look. So, what are you waiting for? Go and decorate your home and show the world how interesting rustic can be.

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